With a long E, as in Evil (evelynnash) wrote,
With a long E, as in Evil

Speaking of living in a city full of semi-famous people, the cast of "Saturday Night Live" evidently prefers my location of Barnes & Noble to any other:

A couple of weeks ago, I was working alone in the kids section one night when Molly Shannon popped in with her two kids. She was wearing very tiny jeans with a bright orange peasant blouse, and she was skinny but much more attractive than you'd ever think she'd be in real life. Another mom immediately attacked her and started nonchalantly asking stalkeresque questions about her kids and listing off all the ways in which their children were alike as if she and Molly were well on their way to being BFF, so I played it cool and involved myself in some Where's Waldo?, which is much easier now than it was when I was a kid; like, shockingly so. (But I still think the Walter Wick I Spy books are crazy-hard.) Later, Molly's tiny son came to her with a book and asked what it was. She said, "It's stickers!", and he asked, "Chapstick?" She said, "No, stickers!", and he said, "Chapstick!" This went on for several moments until she said, "IT'S NOT CHAPSTICK! IT'S STICKERS!" And then I said, "It's not Chapstick; it's stickers is probably my favourite thing ever spoken in the kids department," and she laughed. So we're pretty much BFF.

And then, last night, Bill Hader walked past me with a very short nerdy guy. I looked, like, three times to make sure it was him. He looked a little more . . . squash-faced? . . . than I'd expected, but it was still neat to see him seeming all casual and humor-y. I wanted to yell, "OMG, I loved you so much in Superbad! I thought it was going to be the worst movie ever, but it was actually the best!" So I made myself not say anything. But then I jumped around in excitement with one of my co-workers for a few minutes.
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